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Cannes to Monaco Grand Prix Transfers

Cannes Airport Transfers offer transfers and transport from Cannes to Monaco Grand Prix weekend, and the great news is that they are the same great price we offer everyday, we do not add supplements just because of the Monaco Grand Prix.

Cannes to Monaco Grand Prix

Nice Airport to Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco Grand Prix History.
Monaco Grand Prix, dating back to a time as early as 1929, joined the Formula 1 Championship back in 1948. The track, which consists essentially of curvy city streets and the famous harbour strip, is genuinely picturesque as drivers drive by landmark monuments such as the Hotel de Paris, the Casino and of course the beautiful yacht lined marina! The track is perhaps the shortest one on the Formula 1 calendar but also the most difficult one! Indeed imposing severe constraints on the car, the smallest mistake by the driver is reprimanded by the merciless barriers around the track. Such a circuit, where overtaking nears the impossible, not only does it require precision driving but also demands some courage!

Cannes to Monaco Grand Prix Transfers

Why Monaco GP?
The apple of Formula 1’s eyes, Monaco stands in a league of its own. If anything it is the race that all drivers dream of winning at least just once in their lives. It is the race where only the best Formula 1 drivers have emerged victorious hence making it the circuit that tells apart the best from the rest as a result of the mechanical, technical and mental prowess required. Indeed as stated by the famous Nelson Piquet, “a win here is worth two anywhere else!”. And difficulty starts from qualifications! Get ready to see drivers at the peak of their performance as they attempt to win the race that can make their entire career! Furthermore this race is unique in the sense that it is the only one that has been welcomed on the same circuit every year since it joined Formula One. The glamour of the city of Monaco is non-the-less attractive and the weather at such a time of the year is all the more pleasant. Finally, the Grand Prix, located towards the beginning of the championship makes it a crucial race in setting the tone for the rest of the championship, intensifying pressure on the drivers and their respective teams!